This was a graphic design job I worked on awhile ago. It consisted of creating the Identity for an agency that focused on non-conventional approaches to communication. I was the Art Director for BC for a few months it got shut down due to reasons that escape my knowlege. It was too bad... But at least I kept some cool graphic projects like this one. Since we worked mainly in urban environments I decided to go with some textures that could be found on the streets so after some experiments I ended up using some old posters that I tore down myself. I then proceeded to choose the right texture and scan it in. After it was the "typical" Copy/Paste shit. I had a version of the poster with some type over it that would be printed in varnish, maintaining the initial graphic intact but with the message "camouflaged" in the poster... like a nice little chameleon. I really like this work due to its "manual" approach.

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