All Good Things Come In Pairs

A selection of work done for the kind folks at All Good Things Come In Pairs ( A blog that focuses on street culture in general and Basketball and Sneaker Collecting in particular. The first image is a simple typographic poster with the name of the blog and done in a Boston Celtics color scheme, I worked on a Cleveland Cavaliers, LA Lakers and Brooklyn Nets colorways but this is my favorite. This is followed by the logo that was created for them. The idea was to have an image that represented a shoelace randomly placed on the floor but after further "inspection" the initials could be identified. The last image in this series is a poster with an AirForce One sneaker drawn in the middle and then with some "bells and whistles" added to the origianal pencil rendering. I particularly enjoy the juxtaposition of the two typefaces... I guess everything Does come in pairs...

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